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  • 100/Lot Hand Fidget Spinner Ceramic Ball Bearing with Carry Case

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    100 Pack White/Blue Hand Spinners with Hybrid Ceramic Ball Bearing and Elegant Carry Case

    • PACKAGE INCLUDES: 100 pack of Fidget Spinner ( please see the main picture ) with Carry Case. DIAMETER: 2.95 inches. Thickness: 0.31 inches.
    • HIGH SPEED CERAMIC HYBRID BALL BEARING in the center to ensure the smoothest rotation and consistency. 3 STEEL 608-2RS COUNTERWEIGHT BEARING WEIGHTS to increase centripetal force and spin time. BEARINGS ARE REMOVABLE for future upgrades.
    • ROUND CORNER AND SMOOTH SURFACE: Protect your fingers from scratching. NO REPAIR, OIL, MAINTENANCE NEEDED: Use the stress relief toys right out of box. GUARANTEE 1.5 MIN+ SPIN TIME: The Fidget will comfortably spin for 2+ minutes and they also suffer very little slow down during tricks.
    • EASY TO USE: To spin the add fidget toys simply hold with one finger either side of the center and then with your other hand spin. With practice the spinners can be used with one hand only. To use the anxiety toys on a table simply press the center to keep it stable and at the same time spin. The fidget toys will continue to spin once you let go.
    • GREAT TOYS FOR FIDGET, ANXIETY, FOCUS, ADHD, AUTISM, QUITTING BAD HABITS: With a fidget spinner, you will be able to curb unwanted habits such as nail biting and smoking. Your boring time will pass away quickly and you will be enjoying a good time when you are alone. Instead of fidgeting around with your finger nails you can simply grab the fidget spinner and play with it. Many people have successfully curbed unwanted habits using this funny and cool fidget toy.

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