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  • 4.056 Forklift Mast Guide Roller MR.023

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    4.0056 Heavy Combined Mast Guide Track Roller Bearing

    Match#: HD-056, MR.023, 4.056

    IDA Motion Heavy High Capacity Linear Bearings are specifically designed to handle high axial and radial loads simultaneously in rough applications.

    Applications : Material handling loaders and unloading machines, Palletizers, Cranes and hoists, Horizontal and vertical feed and lift units, Forklift trucks, ASRS Systems, Shrink-wrappers


    forklift bearing specs

    Load Rating (KN)
    d T D H h B A S r C Co Ca Coa
    40 53 77.7 48 36.5 23 3 24 4 48 57 18 18
    Chrome Steel SAE-52100
    Chevron SRI-2 Grease
    HD-056, MR.023, 4.056

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