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  • 5/8" bore SUC202-10 Stainless Steel Insert Ball Bearing

    25 days
    130 PCS

    SUC202-10 Complete Stainless Steel Insert Set Screw Ball Bearing With Lubricating Groove Access, Sealed, Spherical Outer and pre-lubricated with Grease.

    Sizes: ID: 5/8" x OD: 47mm x W: 31mm

    Match#: SGC1010KRRB, SUCW202, SSUC202-010, RRH1010BRR, MUC202-10, VS-S210, UC202-10S6, F-UC202-010D1, S-UC202-10

    SUC202-10 Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Inserts have a combination of ordinary and unique characteristics of a bearing. The SUC202-10 Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Inserts have low noise and vibrations, lower friction torque and have a high speed running with a special usage function, and a high precision rotation. 
    The SUC200 Series Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Inserts have a wide range of applications that involve: Functions in low and high temperature environments, Functions in corrosion medium meaning in maritime climate, sea water, river water, distilled water, and sparse nitric acid, It is acid proof and alkali proof.

    Chevron SRI-2 Grease

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