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  • We provide several ways to find your bearing size and type throughout our wide selections and varieties gathered and listed in our web store.

    1 - To find a bearing with sizes click on Size Search in the Categories area, there are Metric and Inch size selections, under each of these subcategories, sizes are listed based by ID/Bore size of bearings, each size contains all matching types of bearings.

    2 - To find a bearing by bearing number, use the search without extra suffixes, for example: 6205TBR12P4R C487 = type "6205TB12" or for 6205DUCM = type "6205DU" or just "6205" to get more selections and options.

    3 - To convert inch sizes to metric or the opposite click & use the Converter Tools.

    If you have difficulty finding or locating a bearing, please use the contact us form and send an email and a representative will contact you shortly.