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  • LM25UU Linear Motion Ball Slide Bearing 25x40x59 SM25GUU

    ID 25mm x OD 40mm x L 59mm
    25 days
    6 PCS

    LM25GUU bearing is Precision Linear Motion Sliding Ball Bushing Bearing Resin Cage Both Sides Rubber Sealed

    Sizes:  ID 25mm x OD 40mm x L 59mm

    Match#: SM25GUU, LBD25UU, LB25NYDD, LM25GUU, N-25VUU, L25-UU, TB25-UU, LM254059UU, LM25AUU

    Linear Bearing Catalog

    Unlike typical bearings that enable circular motion, linear bearings promote movement in a straight line. This is generally accomplished with the use of ball or roller bearings loaded onto a track that supports a surface that can be moved back and forth, such as a table. A common type of linear bearing is found in a filing cabinet, permitting the drawers to be opened and closed with ease. These bearings are perfect for linear motion on your 3D Printer, Robotic Systems, Gym Equipment, Printing Press, Motion Mechanism, CNC Machinery or any other applications.

    ID 25mm x OD 40mm x L 59mm
    Chrome Steel SAE-52100
    Light Oil
    SM25GUU, LBD25UU, LB25NYDD, N-25VUU, L25-UU, TB25-UU, LM254059UU, LM25AUU, LM25-GUU

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