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  • 60mm Long Rail LWL09R60BHS Rail for for Linear Slide 9mm Bearings IKO

    W: 9mm x L 60mm
    20 days
    10 PCS

    LWL09R60BHS is Precision Linear Guide Way Rail for 9mm Linear Slide Bearings

    This a Rail, without Slide Bearings

    Sizes: W: 9mm x L 60mm

    Slide bearing # LWL09C1BHS

    Linear Unit Guide Way Exchangeable Bearing, the ball-retainer type includes interchangeable specification products. The dimensions is slide units and track rails of this specification are individually controlled, so that the slide units and track rails can be combined, added or exchanged freely.

    W: 9mm x L 60mm
    IKO Nippon Thompson Co., Ltd

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