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  • 1/4 Bore PHSB4 Rod-End Right Hand Bearing Rod 3/4 CW4 IKO

    ID 1/4 x OD 3/4 x W 3/8 x Rod 3/4 Inches
    10 days
    6 PCS

    PHSB4 Female Rod-End PilloBall Insert Type with Left Handed Thread

    Sizes: ID 1/4 x OD 3/4 x W 3/8 x Rod 3/4 Inches

    Match#: CW4, MW-4, KW4, AW-4, SW-4, PF-4, SSPF-4, HL4G, TR4N, TR-4, F-CR4, AF-GP4, MSFL4, EF4, CFF4, CF4, PHSB4NP

    PHSB3L IKO Catalog Rod-End

    This IKO PHSB4 rod end bearing, also known as a heim joint or a rose joint, is an articulating joint that supports loads, controls the pivoting or oscillating movement of parts, and corrects for angular misalignment. It is often used in vehicles to connect a shaft to a steering linkage. Its shape resembles an eyelet screw. The body of a rod end bearing consists of a shaft that becomes a ring-shaped housing that may or may not contain a bushing. The shaft is threaded so the bearing can be bolted to an assembly. A solid rod end bearing does not contain a bushing and cannot compensate for misalignment. A ball joint rod end bearing does contain a bushing, which allows it to adjust for angular misalignment. Of the two types, a ball joint rod end bearing is the most commonly used.

    In a ball joint rod end bearing, the spherical bushing in the bearing may have an inner race for increased load capacity, friction reduction, and speed. A bolt or pin machined to fit bushings that have a race passes through the bore of the bushing to attach to a mechanical component such as a control rod. As with most bearings, selection must be based on the intended application. A ball joint rod end bearing is often exposed to harsh environmental conditions, so consider the material the bearing is made of, whether the bearing is sealed, its lubrication requirements, and the minimum and maximum operating temperatures in addition to load and service life requirements.

    Originally designed for airplanes, a rod end bearing is used in applications such as automobiles, trucks, boats, helicopters, industrial machinery, cranes, lawn tractors, fitness equipment, and precision machinery.

    ID 1/4 x OD 3/4 x W 3/8 x Rod 3/4 Inches
    Chrome Steel SAE-52100
    IKO PHSB-3L Rod End Bearing PFL-3 MG-3
    IKO Nippon Thompson Co., Ltd

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